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3 Reasons I Love Being a Bonus Mom to a Son

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

The article is about being a bonus mom, but not just any kind of bonus mom. A bonus mom to an amazing young man, our son, Mallory Ferguson.

What it Means to be a Bonus Mom

I was lucky enough to become a bonus mom to our son when me and Jason were married 9 years ago. His mom is amazing and I would never try to replace her, but being a bonus mom to a cool son is the best.

The Advantages of Being a Bonus Mom

Bonus moms' contributions to their children's lives and futures can be as tangible and tangible as that of a biological mom. They create a parent-child bond, provide stability, and make the transition to parenthood easier for moms. The love bonus moms show their children will never be fully reciprocated, but it comes with many rewards. Advantages of being a bonus mom

Becoming a mother to my son was the greatest gift I've ever been given. Our son Mallory is a successful artist and college graduate. He is not only gifted lyrically, but also a great photographer and videographer. Check out his Instagram.

Tips for Becoming a More Empowered Non-Traditional Parent

As a bonus mom, or step-parent, this might be the first time you’ve been in a position to care for a child. With a little work and a lot of patience, you can make it work! I wanted to share some tips from my own experience that helped me become empowered as a non-traditional parent. When it comes to parenting, you don’t have to be a perfect mother. It’s okay to make mistakes and ask others for help. You’re not the only one who is making this transition, and other people have been in your shoes before.

Lastly, be open to the lessons that you learn from your child, and enjoy the journey of parenting!

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

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